We provide a full range of services in professional sustainable building planning design and consulting. We provide clients with tailored strategies and action plans for sustainability, ESG, and net-zero emissions.

LEED Certification

The best strategy for implementing sustainable green buildings internationally.

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LEED Zero Certification

Towards a Sustainable Future with Deep Decarbonization and Green Energy for Net Zero Emissions!

WELL Certification

People-oriented healthy building certification for implementing corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices.

Green Building Planning and Design

From Planning, design to certification, a one-stop service for Integrated Low-Carbon Green Building Solutions.

Taiwan EEWH Label

The best choice for projects that seek for green building certification in tropical and subtropical climate zone.

Intelligent Building Label

Optimize user experiences and enhance the safety and management efficiency of modern buildings.

Building Carbon Footprint Certification

Towards a Zero-Carbon Future through Energy-Efficient and Carbon-Reducing Buildings.

Building Energy-Efficiency Rating System

Globally recognized as the most effective energy-saving and carbon-reduction tool in buildings.

ESG Strategy and Implementation

A comprehensive roadmap and strategic planning for ESG and net-zero carbon emissions.

Global Network for Zero

Organizations can swiftly advance towards net-zero targets through GNFZ's standardized certification processes and benchmarks. It is exceptionally suitable for businesses seeking international carbon reduction recognition.

GRESB Real Estate Assessment

The ESG evaluation standard most valued by the global real estate industry and investors.

Carbon Footprint Verification Service

The best starting point for enterprises on the Path to net-zero carbon emissions.

New Residential Building Performance Evaluation

A Comprehensive Evaluation for Residential Buildings: Ensuring Safety, Health, Convenience, Comfort, Affordability, and Sustainability!

Accessible Housing Label

Accessibility design is the key to age-friendly residential buildings.

Green Energy
System Planning

The Integrated green energy system is the optimal solution for constructing a net-zero building.

Building Environment Simulation

Computerized environmental simulation is a powerful tool to find and predict optimized green design strategies.

China Green Building Evaluation Label

The official green building rating system in Mainland China is also called “China Three Star System”.

China Green Building Evaluation Label

The official green building rating system in Mainland China is also called “China Three Star System”.

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