Intelligent Building Label

Optimize user experiences and enhance the safety and management efficiency of modern buildings.

A modern building that integrates architecture and information and communication technology (ICT) can enhance operation/management and disaster prevention efficiency, making it smarter, more energy-efficient, and safer to use. Currently, many advanced new office buildings, large-scale public buildings, as well as urban renewal and redevelopment projects, have embraced Intelligent building designs in addition to green building requirements. This not only increases the added value of the buildings but also creates a progressive brand image. In the case of urban renewal projects, it can even lead to incentive of increased building FAR.

The latest version of the“Intelligent Building Label” in 2022 includes six indicators, infrastructure indicators, Operations & Maintenance Indicators, safety & disaster prevention indicators, energy-saving management indicators, health and comfort indicators, and intelligent innovation indicators.

There are 4 certification levels of Intelligent Building Label: Certified, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The evaluation process involves a review of the design documents to obtain a Candidate certificate. After the completion of the building, an on-site inspection will be conducted before the final review.

SSDC has been actively involved in multiple applications for Intelligent Building Certifications and possesses precise knowledge in various aspects, architecture, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), fire safety, communication system, building automation and monitoring, and property management. Therefore, we can provide comprehensive consultancy of all these systems. During the design phase, SSDC actively participates in the system design according to the target certification level. After the tendering phase of the intelligent building systems, we effectively coordinate with system contractor to integrate these systems to ensure the success of intelligent building certification.

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Feature Projects
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Intelligent Building Label / New Residential Building Performance Evaluation / Residential
Feature Projects
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