New Residential Building Performance Evaluation

A Comprehensive Evaluation for Residential Buildings: Ensuring Safety, Health, Convenience, Comfort, Affordability, and Sustainability!

The quality of the space and facilities in a building has a significant impact on the overall living experience. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear definition of what constitutes a good building. The “Residential Building Performance Evaluation” offers a fair and concise approach for the general public to assess buildings. It uses the criteria of safety, health, convenience, comfort, economy, and sustainable use to determine the quality of services that a building’s space and facilities can provide.

By utilizing the “Residential Building Performance Evaluation,”individuals can make informed decisions when purchasing a residence that aligns with their personal needs. The evaluation results serve as a useful reference for prospective buyers, helping them choose a suitable home that meets their preferences and requirements.

For developers, embracing the principles of the “ Residential Building Performance Evaluation” enables them to create different types of products based on market demand. By aligning their developments with the evaluation criteria, developers can design buildings that cater to specific target markets. This approach makes their projects more attractive and competitive in the marketplace, leading to increased buyer interest and satisfaction.

Overall, the “ Residential Building Performance Evaluation” serves as a valuable tool for both individuals and developers, ensuring that buildings meet high standards in terms of safety, health, convenience, comfort, economy, and sustainable use.

The Residential Building Performance Evaluation comprises two categories: New Residential Performance Evaluation and Existing Residential Performance Evaluation. Each category assesses the following eight major performance categories:

Structural Safety

Fire Safety

Lighting Environment

Acoustic Environment

Accessibility Environment

Air Environment

Energy and Water Conservation

Residential Maintenance

Another niche advantage of the“ Residential Building Performance Evaluation” is its alignment with the “ Regulations of Bulk Reward for Reconstruction of Urban Dangerous and Dilapidated Buildings.” According to these Regulations, if a building achieves a Level 2 or higher rating in Accessibility Environment Performance Evaluation or a Level 3 or higher rating in Structural Safety Performance Evaluation, it qualifies for a volume incentive ranging from 2% to 6%. As a result, an increasing number of projects involving accommodations in hazardous or dilapidated buildings are applying for the “ Housing Performance Evaluation” to maximize their volume incentives.

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