Building Energy-EfficiencyRating System

Globally recognized as the most effective energy-saving and carbon-reduction tool in buildings.

In response to the Net-Zero Pathway by 2050, Taiwan has launched the “Building Energy-Efficiency Rating System” (BERS).


The BERS refers to the energy efficiency of buildings evaluated by the building energy efficiency evaluation methodology of the “Green Building Evaluation Manual”. There are 8 levels in BERS which are 1+ and 1 to 7, in the order from high to low efficiency.Buildings with Green Building Label shall achieve BERS level 4. Buildings that achieve BERS level 1+ shall be identified as Nealy Net-Zero Energy Buildings.


According to the policy of the Taiwanese government, the net-zero pathway for the building sector involves two main steps. Firstly, the goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in energy consumption. This reduction can be achieved through various energy-saving measures and technologies implemented in buildings. Secondly, the remaining energy consumption will be offset by utilizing renewable energy sources. This means that renewable energy will be used to cover the energy needs of buildings, thus eliminating the carbon emissions associated with conventional energy sources.The goal is to achieve 100% of new buildings and over 85% of existing buildings to become nearly zero-carbon buildings by 2050.

BERS for new construction

BERS for existing buildings

With guidance from the experience of nearly a thousand green building certification projects, Segreene Sustainability & Design Consulting (SSDC) assists clients in obtaining building BERS labels, aiming towards energy-saving and carbon reduction in the pursuit of net-zero buildings.

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Feature Projects
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