Sustainable Building Planning and Design

Green Building Design

With experience of over 300 Green Building Projects, SSDC can provide comprehensive solution for sustainable building planning and design

USGBC LEED Certification

USGBC LEED Certification

Most experienced LEED consulting firm in Taiwan with guaranteed fast-track solution in obtaining LEED certification

Taiwan EEWH Certification Application

Taiwan EEWH Certification

Consulting services for streamlined and economical green building certification application process in achieving 100% goal.

Microclimate Environmental Planning Consulting

Microclimate Environmental Planning Consulting

Comprehensive Wind Field Simulation and Building Physical Environment Planning to provide best design solutions for natural ventilation, natural lighting and thermal insulation

LCBA Building Carbon Footprint Certification Application

Building Carbon Footprint Certification

To identify ways to lower carbon emission, to reduce energy costs, and to achieve corporate social responsibility through Building Carbon Footprint Certification process

Intelligent Building Certification Application

Intelligent Building Certification

Intelligent Building Certification can provide added value to a building, by integrating architecture and communications technology to create a pioneering brand image